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Hiring temporary staff for short- and mid-term projects can be a challenging and costly operation. Have you ever considered expanding your workforce by employing a robot employee?

Our cobots love repetitive tasks and are easy to put into operation. After a short training period by a cobot specialist they take over dull, dirty and dangerous tasks and are also perfectly suited for anything too dangerous or unhealthy for your human workforce.

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step 1

Solution architecture

At the initial site visit, we will sit down with your team and your staffing partner to understand exactly what tasks you intend to do with our robotic workers

  • Identifying potential issues, obstacles or challenges in installing a robotic worker.
  • Nominating a robot supervisor
  • ABC analysis and prioritization of the tasks (including basic requirements and CTRs)
step 5

Go live

  • We assure minimal integration into your systems. We will work around your business schedule to minimize downtime as much as possible
  • Training on the daily operating requirements
step 2

Service Engineering

  • The proof of concept (POC) is a mixture of solid modeling work­spaces to ensure that the robot chosen is truly necessary to perform all tasks
  • If all parties agree to the POC, the Master Use Agreement will be signed
  • Start to roll out equipment – from robots to grippers
step 3

Application Engineering

Collaborative robots are, by design, inherently safe to work with within close proximity of human workers

step 4

Roboter Supervisor

Implementation of the robot supervisor

Our cobots master the following sectors.


Our RobShare cobots do not perform in safety cages like conventional industrial robots, they share their workplace with their human colleagues.


Are you looking for more flexibility for your production schedules and lines? Our cobots offer you just that when it comes to packing boxes, loading machines or screening items.


From the metal-working industry to plastics processing – our RobShare cobots are highly popular with a variety of tasks.


Especially in the electronic industry where it is essential to handle parts with sensitivity and accuracy, our cobots meet the requirements effortlessly.

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