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Sawyer™ – the smart, collaborative robot.

Meet Sawyer – the collaborative smart robot with sensitive and intuitive handling. A real high performer, he is flexible and cooperative. His passion is machine loading, circuit board tests, and other tasks that could not simply be automated with industrial robots in the past.

sawyer™ – the multi-talent

• Cognex Kamera in the wrist
• Farsight camera in the head
• 0,1 mm repeat accuracy
• Software Intera®
• 4 kg payload
sawyer™ …
intuitively understands its charging placing positions on devices and machines and is flexibly adjustable at existing work places.works smart like a human and quickly adapts to changing working requirements.is easy to set up, quickly built-in its work area, and can easily be moved to another position when necessary.is ideal for machine loading and unloading, checking and mounting applications as well as many other pick-and-place applications.

Experience sawyer™ in action  – live and in color. 

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