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Techman Robotics – Unlimited potential

Get to know the cobots of Techman Robotics. Thanks to the Plug & Play- Concept they are set up in as little as 5 minutes. Additionaly, the cobots are very easy to deploy so you can change tasks again and again without any coding.

The robots are designed to operate safely around people and they will bring your company the best possible and safe human-robot-collaboration.

They can be applied to electronic assembly, metal processing, testing and to any conceivable field of duty. The fields of application are extended by the build-in-vision-system that makes it possible for the robot to capture shapes, colors, barcodes, QR-Codes etc.. Furthermore the cobots are compatible with most brands of AGV’s and mobile services.

We offer you four different models with a reach between 700mm to 1300mm and a payload of 4kg to 14 kg.

Techman Robotics - smart cobots with build-in-vision

Techman – High Performance Cobots

• Max. 14kg payload
• Up to 1300mm reach
• Robot editing software TMflow
• 6-axis torque sensors
The benefits of Techman cobots
• Fast and easy programming• Integrated vision-system• Are safe and collaborative• Unlimited fields of applications• Easy to change tasks• Compatible with most brands of AGV’s• Schneller Job-Wechsel• TM12 has a greater payload capability than other collaborative robots on the market

Techman cobots in action.

See how our robots work and how you can benefit from their performance! Check out the Techman robots in action.