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WEMO - Robots for smart automation

The all-new WEMO xPacker is a compact and flexible robot system for palletizing & depalletizing.

Thanks to an innovative plug & play design the system can be installed in a short time and is able to handle high palletization volumes with up to 10 transfers per minute.

A smart programming interface replaced complex instructions with intuitive symbols and allows an easy set up of the application.

WEMO xPacker - the costeffctive and easy solution for palletizing!

• Including Robot, E.O.A.T, incoming conveyor, palletstation, integrated safety
• Ready to use
• Easy to program
• Up to 600 transfers per hour
• 3250mm L, 3540mm H, 3080mm W
The xPacker…
is fast to set up.can be easily programmed.brings a costeffective solution to your production.comes with a total ready-to-use package.

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