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HAHN RobShare. Robot as a Service.

We are on a challenging mission: our goal is to revolutionize the job market. As difficult as this goal might seem, it is yet one of the most important tasks considering the growing changes that international production processes are facing. Especially when it comes to automation, flexibility and economic concepts are required in order to meet the increasingly dynamic customer demands on the route to Industry 4.0. There is an urgent demand for constant high-performance and tight production schedules. At the same time it is vital to create a safe working environment for your workforce as a basis for progress, especially in the light of the current shortage of skilled workers. Working with us will raise your workforce to new levels of productivity, efficiency, and collaboration.

What if humans and cobots would become co-workers in the future?

Enhancing your consisting workforce with smart and collaborative robots will increase productivity within your company. These new colleagues work hand in hand with your employees and your workforce will benefit from their artificial intelligence. However, our mission is not about replacing human workforce by robots. We are rather aiming at a genuine human-robot-collaboration – a partnership between a human and his cobot colleague. With the cobot taking over simple and repetitive tasks, your employees will benefit from additional space for challenging, more complex and responsible tasks. Your company will be more flexible, more efficient, more productive, and processes will be more scalable and safer. The use of smart human-robot-collaboration (HRC) is a definite win-win situation for your company. Take this technological quantum leap with us.

HAHN RobShare. Robot as a Service.

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